• We recognize the value in the diversity of the T/GNC/NB community and the fact that all of us are not equally situated in ways that affect our ability to access to space

  • We strive to listen for and incorporate ways to make our boxing spaces most accessible to members who may have particular requirements for how they can engage with us most fully


Accountability Through Shared Responsibility

  • We have leadership which shares responsibility for how Trans Boxing is organized

  • We encourage an ethic of direct in-person communication to relay concerns and issues to leadership, and hold regular meetings to facilitate this kind of interpersonal communication


Calling People In, Not Out

  • Shaming and blaming people who don’t have the "perfect" words in organizing spaces is not conducive to building a strong collective.

  • Mistakes will be made in our work, and we want to be empowered to do better rather than debilitated by conflict

    • Recognizing we all mess up, and speaking from this shared experience

    • Being specific and direct and communicating in person (or via anonymous form) when there is criticism to be shared

    • Talking to people in times and places that support conversation and learning

    • Refraining from cyber exposes or social media call-outs 

    • Respecting boundaries, and exercising patience in conflict resolution 

  • Calling people in isn't: 
    • A way to keep privileged people comfortable. When people who are marginalized have feedback or choose to speak, they don’t need to be "polite" or avoid tension, rather we encourage respectful, direct and open communication even if it means airing anger, frustration, disappointment, etc. ​


Relationships Build Community

  • As T/GNC/NB people we have been marginalized and invisibilized by hetero-patriarchy and capitalism, making community building difficult, and so to counteract this, we center it in our work

  • Building community is essential to building a long term strategy for system-wide change, as well as keeping people resourced and committed in the work of developing that strategy, so we prioritize relationship building in our work  

  • We recognize that to continue to heal and grow in the context of systemic oppression, we will need the support of a compassionate caring community


Relationships vs transactions

  • In our relationships with partnering organizations and causes, we strive to interact relationally rather than transactionally. 

  • We work to build relationships with representatives and members of partnering groups and organizations before asking anything directly of them for the benefit of an individual member of Trans Boxing or Trans Boxing as a larger entity.


Develop a Relationship with Our Bodies [Embodiment]

  • As T/GNC/NB folks we recognize that a relationship with our bodies has often been denied to us by a binary which does not necessarily match our internal sense of self. 

  • We strive to use the practices of boxing and mindfulness to regain a sense of “being in our bodies” helping us to transcend the limitations imposed on us by these external forces and reclaim a connection to our bodies that we have found necessary in order to facilitate the process of healing as well and support the development of healthy self-esteem and self-image. 

  • We view the body as a site of strategic possibility, and use the practice of boxing to explore this. 


  • We recognize that our identity as T/GNC/NB people may be confidential for reasons of safety. We respect the anonymity of our members, and honor the intimacy and privacy of the group at all times.

  • The status of our members identities is considered private and confidential and will not be disclosed or shared without the permission of the individual involved. 

  • As T/GNC/NB people, we are experiencing a cultural moment of hyper-visibility. We claim the right to opacity, and we realize that visibility does not always increase agency. 

Take Risks, Make Mistakes, Learn, Keep Going

  • The uncertainty and uncharted territory of doing this kind of work means we are going to make mistakes. We recognize that as as T/GNC/NB people, we take risks already by moving through the world and we commit to challenging ourselves to be outside our comfort zones when doing this work.

  • When we make mistakes, we will take the time to reflect on them thoughtfully and to take any necessary action to achieve accountability/resolution. 

  • We commit to work that is guided by unity rather than self-interest. As collective members, we will seek to continuously ask ourselves what we can bring/give to this work, as opposed to what we can get from it. We recognize that the gifts of this work are largely immaterial.


Process Over Urgency

  • We believe in our organizing process, yet we recognize that global mass culture (social media, late capitalism, popular culture)  values and encourages efficiency, immediacy, urgency, and individualism

  • We trust our organizing process to lead us to accountable, and effective solutions, even when they take longer to arrive at

  • We will allow people to self-determine their capacity of involvement. We will not threaten or coerce.

document, co-authored by: Hill Donnell and Nola Hanson