Trans Boxing was founded in 2017 and is currently comprised of Nola Hanson (Artist), Liv Adler (Collaborator) and Hill Donnell (Collaborator). For almost three years, Trans Boxing has facilitated weekly no-low cost boxing classes exclusively for trans and gender variant folks at Overthrow Boxing Club in New York City.

By centering the participation of trans and gender variant people and partnering with local gyms and community organizations, Trans Boxing critically intervenes in the rigidly gendered system of athletics, and reconceptualizes how the sport can be made available to people who have limited access. 


There have been Trans Boxing workshops in New Orleans, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, which have engaged a variety of participants. Trans Boxing also holds free weekly boxing classes for members of The Door, a drop-in center for disconnected youth in lower Manhattan. 


Please consider contributing to the Trans Boxing Patreon to help sustain their continued work! 

Nola Hanson (Artist) is an artist whose practice centers the role of embodiment in contemporary social systems. Nola received their BFA in Painting and Art Criticism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2014. In 2015, they started boxing at the New Bed Stuy Boxing Center, a community-run gym in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, where they continue to train. Nola's practice includes independent work and collaborative socially engaged projects. Their work has been shown in New York, Chicago, Portland, and Milwaukee. Nola is currently an MFA candidate in the Art and Social Practice program at Portland State University. 

Liv Adler (Collaborator) is a native New Yorker, amateur boxer, and renowned trainer with over 10 years of competitive boxing experience. Liv has worked at various boxing gyms and programs throughout the city, including Everybody Fights, RISE by WE, She Fights, and Church Street Boxing Gym. Liv started working as a trainer with Trans Boxing in 2017. In addition to holding down classes at Overthrow Boxing Club, Liv provides sliding scale private training for a number of trans/gnc/nb adults and youth. Liv is passionate about breaking down the barriers to access that queer and trans people experience and increasing accessibility to high level training and competition. 


Hill Donnell (Collaborator)  is an athlete, organizer and educator born in Torino, Italy and raised on the US Gulf Coast. Hill has spent 10 years engaging at the intersections of policy, education and youth work. Their pedagogical and creative work seeks to engage critical perspectives on technological change, embodiment and the promise of participatory governance. Hill serves as Policy and Programs Manager at Athlete Ally, a NYC based non-profit working to end homophobia and transphobia in sport. Hill began boxing in 2016 and began organizing with Trans Boxing in 2017, shortly after moving to New York.


Hill holds weekly boxing classes at The Door, a youth drop-in center in lower Manhattan.